A few weeks ago we reported that the Magic Kingdom is expanding the central hub of the park to provide more walking space and viewing areas for the parades and shows.   Last week while we were at the park I took a few shots to give our readers a look at the progress they have made along with the look of the hub if you have a trip coming soon.

Hub Expansion 1

Starting with the castle, the dry moat is giving Disney the opportunity to refresh the paint on the castle. They do have times throughout the day when the trucks are not there so hopefully you can still get a good picture.

Hub Expansion 4 Hub Expansion 2

Hub Expansion 3

Standing at Casey’s Corner looking towards Tomorrowland- you can see the walls up and screening over the bridge.

Hub Expansion 5

Again standing at Casey’s Corner looking towards Adventureland. Construction walls in front of the times guide along with the moat in front of the Crystal Palace.

Hub Expansion 10

Standing on the bridge by Cosmic Ray’s you can see the now enclosed porch area, the dry moat, and the missing Swan Boat Dock

Hub Expansion 6

Standing on bridge by Cosmic Ray’s – Swan Boat dock has been removed.

Hub Expansion 7

Standing in the Hub looking towards the old Swan Boat Dock.

Hub Expansion 8

From the Hub looking towards Tomorrowland and Main St USA to the right.

Hub Expansion 9

From the Hub looking towards Tomorrowland