Mini Tips Monday

Today’s Tip is an easy one and one I tell everyone headed to their first trip to a Disney Park.    Arrive at the parks early!   

Tip - Arrive Early at the Parks

I know this is a simple tip but this seems to be the first thing to go when people begin to stay later at the parks than they had originally planned the night before.    Be sure to take a little time to plan our your trips – what parks you are going to each day and when you plan to stay late or go early to each park.    Getting to the park even 1/2 hour before the park opens assures you will be in the park before the crowds.   You will be able to hit two or three attractions before you will start seeing the bulk of the crowds coming through the gates.

This also gives you the opportunity to head out of the park mid day when it’s the busiest to enjoy some pool time or a nap at your resort, then return later in the day when again the crowds are a bit lighter late in the afternoon.    I know it’s your vacation and you don’t want to schedule or get up early, but throw an early morning in there and you will be surprised at what you get done before the crowds hit.

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