One of my favorite snacks at the park is the classic bag or bucket of Disney Popcorn.   I even have my favorite stands in each park to get this treat.   But as I was munching on my last bucket and watching the never ending line at the stand I began to wonder.    Hmmm I wonder how much popcorn is sold at Disney World.    So let me ask you…..

How much Popcorn is sold at Disney World in a year?

A. 3.3 million bags
B. 4.2 million bags
C. 5.2 million bags
D. 5.2 + the one that I just bought

How much Popcorn at Disney World - DisneyDayByDay

And the answer is….. C or D.   This number of course changes on a daily basis, but on average Disney World sells around 5.2 million buckets/bags of popcorn each year.   That would weigh over 350,000 pounds and I have a few of those pounds to prove it.

Where do you like to buy your Disney Popcorn?

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