Magic Kingdom Cell Phone Charging Locker 2

As you stroll around the Magic Kingdom tweeting, status updating, and instagraming your phone is bound to run out of juice.   There are areas around the park where you can plug in, such as the tree stumps near the Tangled bathrooms and fastpass area in Storybook Circus.  But, you have to sit there while charging, which isn’t as fast as you would like and it’s eating into your Disney time.   So wouldn’t it be nice to leave your phone and have it charge while you experience an attraction or grab a bite to eat?   Disney has you in mind.  They are now testing charging lockers at the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Cell Phone Charging Locker

These charging lockers are free for use, but they do require a credit card/gift card to lock and unlock your locker.   The card is not charged but used to identify you when you come back to get your phone.     After scanning your card, you select what you would like to use to charge: Apple Lightning, Apple 30 pin, or micro USB and the device will indicate which locker is available for use.   There are three colors to each locker:  Blue – the locker is open and ready for use, Red – a device is in the locker and not fully charged, Green – a device is in the locker and fully charged.   This allows you to quickly glance at your locker to see if it’s fully charged and ready for pick up.

There are currently 2 sets of lockers in test at the Magic Kingdom, one at Cosmic Rays and one at the Space Mountain exit gift shop.   The lockers are only built for cell phones, so you can’t charge your tablet or larger devices.  Since this is a test these stations could go away or begin charging any day, we hope they stay free and more are added.

What do you think of the new charging lockers?

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