Adventureland Veranda

As you cross the bridge into Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom, you will notice a large building on the right hand side with many different facades. This was the former home of the Adventureland Veranda, a counter service dining restaurant. The building definitely looks tropical and the menu was a mix of Polynesian entries, hot sandwiches, and drinks in a South Seas setting. The building is large and the seating for the restaurant went up to the bathrooms located between Adventureland and Frontierland. One of the restaurants verandas is currently the home of The Aloha Isle and its famous Dole Whip.

The Adventureland Veranda opened with the Magic Kingdom in 1971, at first serving mainly chicken and hot sandwiches. In 1977 the restaurant received sponsorship from Kikkoman a seasoning company and the menu changed a bit to include Teriyaki hamburgers topped with pineapple, stir fry, and sweet and sour hot dogs. The restaurant went into a reduced operating schedule in 1993 before being closed in 1994. It has reopened as a restaurant on a few occasions while other restaurants were going through remodeling, but mainly serves as a meet and greet location along with a spot to get cookies and hot chocolate during the Christmas Party.

Adventureland Veranda 1
One of my favorite parts of the Adventureland Veranda was wood d├ęcor and the seating along the water where you could watch the swan boats pass by. Did you ever get to experience the Adventureland Veranda? This is a large building sitting empty in Adventureland, what would you like to see in its place?