Did you know today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia about the Oldest Tree at Disneyland?

As we have an upcoming vacation to Disneyland, I have been researching and looking over some of the unique things that we may want to see while we are there.   One thing I came across was the Dominguez tree.

The Dominguez family lived on 10 acres of land that Walt Disney was looking to purchase for Disneyland.   The family had a tree on the property that was near and dear to their heart, a Canary Island Date Palm.   This tree was planted in 1896 as a wedding gift.    As part of the contract negotiations the family asked that the tree remain.

Walt of course agreed and set out to build his park around the tree.   The Dominguez family tree still stands in the park today.   To find it, head towards the Indiana Jones Fastpass entrance and look to the right for a large tree trunk.   Look up to see how the roof line has been cut out around the tree.

Disneylands Oldest Tree

 One other interesting fact about the Dominguez family, Ron Dominguez who lived on the property when the purchase took place went on to work for Disney.   Ron was a ticket taker on opening day and rose up to Executive Vice President of Disneyland before retiring in 1994.   You will also find his window on Main St, which states “Orange Grove Property Mgt, We care for your property as if it were our own”.