There are two caves on Tom Sawyer Island, can you name them????

While older kids and those with not much time at the Magic Kingdom may want to skip this attraction, Tom Sawyer Island is a great way to escape the crowds and let you kids burn off some steam.

Board the rafts near Big Thunder Mountain and head on over.   You can explore the paths, playground, and even take a rope bridge over to a fort and shoot the guns.   Unfortunately, they no longer hide paint brushes on the island.   But, our two favorite things on the island are the barrel bridge and the caves.   There are two fun caves on the island with many places to hide and scare your siblings or your significant other (this may get you in trouble, you have been warned).   But what are the names of these caves????   Answer is just below the pictures.

Tom Sawyer Island 5 Tom Sawyer Island 10 Tom Sawyer Island 19

Still trying to guess what the two caves are called??   How about Injun Joe’s and the Magnetic Mystery Mine.   What part of Tom Sawyer Island do you enjoy the most?
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