Pinto Colvig worked for many studios including Warner Brothers, MGM, and Disney Studios where he directed a few of our favorite cartoons.    But Pinto was best known for his voice.   Which characters did Pinto Colvig provide a voice for?

Pinto Colvig

A. Pluto
B. Goofy
C. Grumpy
D. Sleepy
E. All of the above

The answer is E – All of the above, Pinto was the original voice of Goofy and also the original Bozo the Clown.    During his career he was the second voice for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and the Practical Pig in Disney’s Three Little Pigs short.     His voice can also be heard in Snow White and Seven Dwarfs as both Grumpy and Sleepy.

I always love to hear all the characters a single person voiced in these classic cartoons.   What is your favorite classic voice?