For this weeks trivia, I take you to the amazing Aulani resort in Hawaii.   One of our favorite past times at this resort is to ride the Waikolohe Stream (Lazy River).    There are tubes available to make this a relaxing trip and the stream is over 900 feet long.   But how much water is in that stream???

A. 200,000 gallons
B. 221,000 gallons
C. 300,000 gallons
D. 321,000 gallons

DisneyDayByDay - Aulani - WAIKOLOHE STREAM

The answer is D, 321,000 gallons of water, now that’s a lot of H2O.    If you would like to read more on Aulani, be sure to stop by our article at Disney with Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers.

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