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Split Large Party

Many of us love to travel with our extended family to Disney or we let our families know that we are planning a Disney trip and they just invite themselves, who isn’t looking for any reason to travel to Disney.    As your travel party grows you may find it hard to book your favorite restaurants.   Some restaurants are configured in such as way that there are few places for large parties, which make these reservations hard to come by.    One thing to consider when you aren’t able to get in is to split the group.   Yes I know it sounds drastic, but if you split the group and are able to get times that are close to one another you can request tables next to each other when you check in at the restaurant.   You may have to wait an extra minute or two to get in as they get tables next to each other, but this saves you from missing your favorite restaurant.

This week we have linked up on the Travel Tip Thursday Blog Hop with our friends at Love Our Disney.   Be sure to hop through and check out the other great tips.

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