How many water bridges exist on the Walt Disney World Property?   

As you head to the Magic Kingdom and travel along World Drive, have you noticed the water bridge?   A standard bridge allows cars to travel over a water source, but a water bridge is the opposite and allows water to travel over the road.    Why would a water bridge be constructed you might ask.   There are many different reasons, but the main reason here was for aesthetics.  The look and feel around the Seven Seas Lagoon was supposed to break you away from reality as you entered the magical world of the Magic Kingdom.   Having a large vehicle bridge that was visible as you traveled across the Seven Seas Lagoon would have created a path continuing reality into the Magic Kingdom.    Plus I think you would all agree the water bridge is very cool.

Now back to our question, you know of the water bridge on World Drive, but how many water bridges are on Walt Disney World Property?

Water Bridges at Walt Disney World - DisneyDayByDay

The answer is 3.

1. One is mentioned above and located just south of the Contemporary Resort on World Drive.
2. The next one can be found just north of the Boardwalk Resort, where Epcot Resorts Boulevard passes under.
3. The last one is found directly next to #2 where the backstage road Avenue of the Stars passes under the water.

Water Bridges at Walt Disney World 1 - DisneyDayByDay    Water Bridges at Walt Disney World 2 - DisneyDayByDay


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