Favorite Food Friday – Disney Cruise Ice Cream Cones

Favorite Food Friday – Disney Cruise Ice Cream Cones

Our Favorite Food This Week: Ice Cream Cone – Disney Cruise 
Location: Disney Cruise Line
Price: Cost of Cruise 🙂

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods.    We have been back from our cruise for a week now and how I miss just walking up to deck 11 and grabbing a soft serve ice cream cone.    You all know how addicted I am to Ice Cream, so having these machines available whenever you want is like living a dream or a fantasy :).   Our week on the Fantasy was met with my son and I catching a bug on the boat, but we did our best to push through and do everything we had planned to do, and one of those things was visiting deck 11 for as much ice cream as we could take in.    For those who have not had a chance to experience a Disney Cruise, there is soft serve ice cream available for cones or cups – our cruise featured – vanilla, chocolate, twisted vanilla and chocolate, banana, strawberry, and twisted strawberry and banana.    As you can see from the pic, twisted strawberry and banana was a favorite of mine.   So let’s hear it, how many cones do you eat on a 7 day cruise????   

Fun Facts and Trivia about the Disney Wonder

Fun Facts and Trivia about the Disney Wonder

In just a few weeks the DisneyDayByDay Family will be headed to Alaska on the Disney Wonder.   This will be our first time on the Wonder so I collected some fun trivia and facts on the ship.

  • Maiden voyage – August 1999
  • The ship has 875 staterooms
  • Passenger Capacity is around 2,713
  • Crew of around 950
  • Tinkerbell is the Godmother of the Disney Wonder. Disney Cruise Line was the first cruise line to have an animated character as the Godmother of a ship.
  • The atrium in each of the Disney Cruise Line ships feature a character statue. On the Wonder, Ariel sits outside her father’s, King Triton’s, restaurant.
  • The bow features Steamboat Willie at the helm leading the way.Disney Wonder - Steamboat Willie
  • On the aft you will find Donald doing his best to finish up the paint job name plate while under duress from his nephew Huey who found a pair of scissors. Disney Wonder Aft - Donald
  • The interior design is art nouveau with a more natural whimsical feel, characterized by an art from nature feel, with whimsical, swirling wave design.
  • The ship’s cruising speed is 21.5 knots, kick it into high gear and  its maximum speed is 24 knots (about 28 MPH).
  • The total diesel fuel storage capability is 20,000 gallons.   At $3.90 a gallon that’s $78,000 to fill it up, a bit over my Visa limit.
  • The horsepower of Disney Wonder’s five engines is equivalently to the power of more than 100 Formula One racing cars running at full speed.
  • The Disney Wonder is 106 feet wide and 964 feet long making it almost as long as the Eiffel Tower is high.   Disney Wonder and Eiffel Tower
  • There are 5,390 pillows on board, these come in real handy :).
  • The weight of the anchor is 14 tons (weight of around 3 elephants)
  • The weight of the propeller is 18.8 tons.
  • The ship can make 1,200 tons of fresh water from seawater each day.  Drink up.
  • The water used to operate the laundry is water from the atmosphere, collected as it drains from the air-conditioning system. Specifically, 280 tons a day are retrieved; the laundry uses 220 tons.   This shows in Disney’s commitment to the Environment and their A grade in the Friends of the Earth Report Cards each year.
  • 5500 square feet of Disney themed shopping and I’m sure you will check out every foot.
  • 8,260 cups of coffee are served every day on board.
  • In a month of cruises on the Disney Wonder, 15,776 cans of Coca-Cola will be consumed.   Will you contribute to this?

Have any other facts to add, include them in our comments below.

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Tiggerific Tuesday: Castaway Cay Landing Strip

Tiggerific Tuesday: Castaway Cay Landing Strip

Did you know?? Castaway Cay Sign

Disney’s private island Castaway Cay features an airplane landing strip.  Why is this here?   Was it added by Disney to add to the island’s story?   Nope, not at all.   You see mon, this island has a colorful history.   The island was called Gorda Cay and had many uses:  Pirates frequented the island in the 1700’s, farmers then used the island because of the fertile soil, and later drug smugglers discovered the island.   Yes, drug smugglers.   In the 1980’s the island was so overrun by these smugglers that property owners on the island were no longer welcome and would be run off by the smugglers with their guns and dogs.  Castaway Cay Landing Strip

Wow, but back to where the landing strip came from.   In the 1960’s a man by the name of Alvin Tucker owned around 150 acres of the island and he built the landing strip so that he could easily travel to his island getaway.    It was too bad that this landing strip made it very attractive to the smugglers.

Years later, Disney purchased the island and spent 1 ½ years along with $25 million dollars to turn 55 acres of the 1000 acres into an island paradise.   Today around 70 cast members live on the island maintaining everything for the cruise ships that stop throughout the week.   If you do get a chance to visit, be sure to stop by the post office and send off a postcard home with the Castaway Cay post mark!  Castaway Cay Post Office
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