How many of you were the captain of your own Jungle Boat?   How many of you had kids kicking and screaming wanting to drive the boats after riding the Jungle Cruise?  OK, maybe it was just us, but who here remembers Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle Boats, this often overlooked attraction was located just to the right after you exited your Jungle Cruise Boat on the Paradox (Pair of Docks).

 Shrunken Ned’s was open from January 1997 till August of 2012.  15 years in business is a good run, but many asked about Shrunken Ned’s either didn’t know it existed or knew about the remote control boats but didn’t know the name.   To drive the boats you needed 2 tokens that could be purchased for $1 each with each trip lasting a few minutes.

The pond in which the boats moved had intriguing obstacles like tikis and elephants, and each ship was commanded via an authentic-looking ship’s wheel and throttle   The steering was not at all precise so even a skilled driver had a tough time.  Getting out of a corner was next to impossible.    The last few years in business we found many of the boats out of order and had to round up cast members to get our money back to find a new boat.

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