Fastpass: Yes
Ride Duration: 6 minutes
Year Introduced: Aug 2003
Height Restriction:  44 inches

3, 2, 1…blast off!!!   Have you ever wanted to travel to Mars?   Head up to see the new curiosity rover?   Well now is your chance.   Head over to Mission Space at Epcot.

As you walk up to the line you will notice two separate lines: Green and Orange.  You and your flight team must pick one.

Green – less intense, no spinning

Orange – this is the original attraction and more intense.   The vehicle will spin which gives you a true feeling of blast off with 2.5g (g-force).

As you prepare for space travel you will go through some pre-flight training and everyone in your space ship (X-2) is assigned a job: Navigator, Pilot, Commander or Engineer.   Each role has specific jobs and has to press a couple buttons during the mission.

After the pre-flight briefing you will step into the space ship.  Pull the restraint down and locate your two buttons along with the air sickness bags (hey you never know).   As you go through the mission you can see “outside” the ship through a small window in front of you and the vehicle you are traveling in moves, which gives you the sensation that you are truly experiencing space flight.

Overall a great trip to mars and you don’t even have to pack anything extra.

Rating: 4/5
Rating Reason:  Even though I really miss Horizons, the space travel is a lot of fun.  Just don’t forget to press your buttons or you may fall off the ice cliff.