LocationEpcot, Future World (Upstairs in the Land Pavilion)
Type: Table Service (Character:  Farmer Mickey, Pluto, & Chip ‘n’ Dale)
Meals: Dinner
Cuisine:  American
Reservations: Yes (recommended)

How many times have you entered the Land Pavilion just to rush to get on Soarin and didn’t noticed the dining possibilities?   Well, next time how about going on a ride without waiting in a long line and getting a meal to go along with it?   Try dining at The Garden Grill, Disney World’s only revolving restaurant.   Don’t worry if you’re one that can’t take the spinning on the tea cups. The rotation is so slow it turns about 1 revolution an hour, so it is almost unnoticeable.     

Overall this is a character experience so don’t think that you and your significant other will be having a nice, quiet dinner.   Though the layout of the round restaurant and the high back table booths cut down on some of the noise, it can get loud as Mickey and friends come around to the tables.  
As the restaurant rotates your view will change from the inside of the land pavilion to some of the scenes from the Living with the Land ride.   So if you don’t like your current view just wait a few minutes and it will change.   Listen for the rooster as you go by the farm scene.   Besides the view the atmosphere is not as ornate as you will find in other Disney restaurants.  
The Garden Grill is an all you can eat restaurant. Food is served family style with the first rounds coming out quickly after you place your drink order (unlimited fountain drinks are included with the price of your meal).   Your meal will start with warm breads served with sweet maple butter along with a salad.  
Adults will enjoy grilled beef strip, turkey breast with cranberry sauce, a fish of the day, fresh veggies, mashed potatoes, and turkey dressing.   Dessert is a fruit crisp (similar to a cobbler) with a vanilla cream.   This can be a welcome experience from a week of fried food and burgers.  
Kids can enjoy a chicken drumstick, mac and cheese, broccoli, and crispy sweet potato fries.   Dessert is a cookies and cream moose which both our son and nephew dearly loved on our last trip.   Adults are allowed to steal from the kids plate, just don’t get caught by your kids.  
Remember, if you want second helpings, or even thirds just ask and your server will happily get you more.  
Overall Rating: (4 out of 5)

Rating Comment:   Overall good food and a wonderful character experience for the kids.   All you can eat but without having to get up from the table and stand in a buffet line.   Let me know what you think and vote on the right.