With many things including our favorite parks closed down, I wanted to use the next Month to share some of my favorites with you.   For the next 4 weeks (1 park a week) I will be sharing some of my favorites with you and I invite you along to do the same and share your favorites with us.   Enjoy and stay safe!

  • Monday – Favorite Land or Park Area
  • Tuesday – Favorite Family Ride
  • Wednesday – Favorite Counter Service Restaurant
  • Thursday – Favorite Thrill Ride
  • Friday – Favorite Meal
  • Saturday – Favorite Table Service Restaurant
  • Sunday – Favorite Show

This week we will be focused on Walt Disney World’s third park, Hollywood Studios….

My favorite area of Hollywood Studios is the new Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge area.  Even if you are not a huge Start Wars fan, you have to say this area is just amazingly themed.    The rides lines are too long now anyway, so just walk around and enjoy the area.    What’s your favorite area of Hollywood Studios?