Braised Beef and Enchilada

Our Favorite Food This Week: Braised Beef and Enchilada
Location: ABC Commissary – Hollywood Studios
Price: $15.99

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.  This week we take a look at a relatively new item at ABC Commissary located in Hollywood Studios.   I know everyone is rushing to get to the new Toy Story Land, but if you are hungry and looking for a place to sit down in the AC then ABC Commissary will fit the bill.   They changed their menu around a bit this year, and we recently tried the Braised Beef and Enchilada.    This dish is braised beef served on cilantro slaw with a roasted corn and cheese enchilada topped with fire-roasted chipotle sauce and queso fresco.    The beef just fell apart and tasted great – the other items complemented the beef as well.    This is definitely something to try if you are getting tired of the chicken nuggets and burgers.    I would order it again for sure.