FavoriteFoodFriday 1


Our Favorite Food This Week:   Chicken Campanelle
Location: Mama Melrose’s – Hollywood Studios
Price: $18.99 (with Shrimp $20.99)

For a many years we walked right past Mama Melrose’s at Hollywood Studios without giving it much thought.   After hearing so many good reviews we decided to give it a shot.   I ordered the  Chicken Campanelle which is wood-grilled chicken over Campanelle pasta tossed with four-cheese sauce with broccoflower, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh spinach and sweet onions.

Chicken Campanelle - Mama Melrose's

Is your mouth watering yet?   The dish had amazing flavor and was piping hot as it was delivered to the table.  Try not to fill up on bread before the meal comes.   While waiting on our meal we noticed that there was writing all over the walls, we asked the server about this and she indicated that you are not supposed to to this.   She said Disney ended up having to remove some of the prop items around the tables due to the writing.  Wax from the crayons actually ruined some one of a kind items.    What is your favorite table service at Hollywood Studios?

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