Our Favorite Food This Week: Thanksgiving Flatbread
Location: Pinocchio Village Haus – Magic Kingdom
Price:  $10.99

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.   The parks have switched from Halloween decorations to Christmas overnight, and the food selections have followed as well.   This week we head over to the Magic Kingdom and stop in at Pinocchio Village Haus for their latest Featured Flatbread.   This month they are featuring the Thanksgiving Dinner Flatbread.   This flatbread is covered with Turkey, Stuffing, Cheese, Cranberry BBQ Sauce, and is topped with Gravy.   The overall flavor was good and I did enjoy trying it, but I’m not much of a stuffing guy and this had a bit too much stuffing and not enough turkey for my taste.   I always enjoy trying something new, but this one won’t be added to my must have list on our next trip.   Have you tried it?   What did you think?