Tinker Bell Ice Cream

Our Favorite Food This Week: Tinker Bell Ice Cream Cone
Location: Storybook Treats – Fantasyland – Magic Kingdom
Price: $ 5.29

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods.  This week we headed to Storybook Treats at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.   As cold air sweeps across the country, let’s check out something even colder – the Tinker Bell Ice Cream Cone.    Start off with a standard cone, but make it green.    Add a halo of green cotton candy.   Some white chocolate wings and lime flavored ice cream.   Then sprinkle it all with edible pixie dust.   I give you the Tinker Bell Ice Cream Cone!   Overall a refreshing treat, but you really have to love sour lime.   I mean really love it.   I’m more a  sweet treat guy, so the sourness was fun at first but didn’t satisfy my sweet tooth.    If you are a sour lime fan, be our guest and give it a try!