Our Hidden Mickey this week is a tribute to an attraction that is closing this week to make way for a Frozen attraction.   Maelstrom!   You can read more about it here, but Maelstrom will sail it’s last voyage this Sunday, Oct 5th, 2014.  Yes it’s hard to say good bye, but we look forward to seeing how they incorporate Frozen into Norway.

As you stand in line for this attraction there isn’t a lot to hold your attention besides the huge mural on the wall.    And, what better thing to do with a mural at Disney than try to find where some Imagineers might have placed some Hidden Mickey’s.   Here are a few that we have found.   Please share any you have found in the comments below.

Hidden Mickey - Maelstrom - 1

Hmm here are some hints on where to look….

Hidden Mickey - Maelstrom - 2

Let’s start from left to right – the one on the far left is our favorite.   Of a viking in a viking ship wearing a set of Mickey Ears – see that one here.

The next one is in the middle – here you find a fishing boat that has some uniquely placed fishing net floats (in reddish color)

Hidden Mickey - Maelstrom - 3a


Our final Hidden Mickey takes us to the one marked on the right had side of the mural and always the most difficult for me to point out to others.  This Mickey is setting on it’s side with ears pointed to the left, look just to the left of metal clip on her clip board.

Hidden Mickey - Maelstrom - 4

 Hi Mickey!!    We love  Hidden Mickey‘s, let us know where you have found him on Maelstrom before we have to say good bye to this attraction.   
If you would like one last ride – here you go….