Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from the Maharajah Jungle Trek at the Animal Kingdom.   Don’t skip the walking paths at the Animal Kingdom, there is so much to see.   These paths are amazingly themed and offer some great up close experiences with many animals.    Want to take a break from the crowds and enjoy the shade, take a walk through the Jungle Trek.     And while you are there, watch out for Hidden Mickey‘s you just might spot one or two.   Like this one below….

Maharajah Jungle Trek - Hidden Mickey 1 - DisneyDayByDay - Copy

Look closely at the area just below his hand on the bow.   So many people have found this one you can see the dirt marks from where people have pointed it out :).

Maharajah Jungle Trek - Hidden Mickey 2 - DisneyDayByDay - Copy


Hi Mickey!!   Don’t miss these great animal walks at the Animal Kingdom, walk with us below if you want to see what you are missing.    

We love  Hidden Mickey‘s.      Where else have you spotted one at the Animal Kingdom?

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